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I trained first  as a masseur in 2001,  and then moved on to Aromatherapy, adding Indian Head massage on the way. I  have  City & Guilds Diplomas’ in Body Massage  and Complementary Therapy - Aromatherapy, and a diploma from The International Institute Of Health And Holistic Therapies in Indian Head Massage.

More recently in 2011 I trained in Hot Stone Massage and  also qualified to do Ear Candling and Pregnancy Massage in 2012 and 2014 respectively..

 I am a Professional member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies and  fully insured to practice.

I first became interested in food remedies  many years ago, and  have long been helping my family and friends maintain their health with herbal alternatives and natural remedies for all manner of common problem when ever it  was possible.

You Are What You Eat

   I really believe, indeed have witnessed many times for myself the power of natural remedies.  Why not try  a food remedy or herbal supplement  before you resort to  prescription drugs; often they  can give you the same result. I treated both my children with natural remedies when appropriate while they were growing up for many of the common childhood problems - impetigo, coughs, colds, head lice, cuts, spots, stings When I took my daughter to the doctor aged 13 years with an ear infection acquired while on holiday in Greece, he was amazed to note from her medical record that he had not seen her since she was 8 and had given her only one other prescription for anti-biotics in her whole 13 years, again for an ear  infection. Many ailments and common health problems can be greatly helped by a combination of eating the right foods and using targeted supplements to redress imbalances, or using creams  or lotions containing the right combination of essential oils or herbal preparation.

When conventional medicines are necessary you can support the  healing  process and hasten your recovery by taking the right  things in combination with your prescribed medicines.

You can not be truly well unless you nourish your body properly.